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Skilled Trades

Need a Career? Learn a Trade and Build Your Own!

So you’ve finished high school and, like many students, you’re wondering: “Now what?!”. Well, there’s no better time than now to consider an education in a trades and technology field. Employment demographics predict that by 2011 retirements from the workforce will exceed new entrants, and in the next two decades, 40% of new jobs will be in skilled trades and technology.

Skilled trades play a vital role in Canada's economy and offer a variety of dynamic and fulfilling career choices.  With many of its seasoned professionals now beginning to retire, skilled trades are expected to experience a shortage in the coming years. There are over 200 skilled trades in Canada, career options for every interest and aptitude, jobs that offer respect, opportunity and good pay! Students can consider programs such as Automotive Detailing, General Contractor, Electrical Estimating, Building Inspection and more as great choices for growing career opportunity.  Often, programs offer an apprenticeship to ensure students receive practical, on-the-job training.

An ‘apprenticeship’ is a hands-on approach to education for those who enjoy learning by doing. The training you’ll receive in an apprenticeship will offer you a gateway to well-paying jobs that will challenge you to develop a high level of skills and expertise, while still allowing you to be creative. The demands of an apprenticeship are balanced by the rewards: you’ll be paid while gaining valuable work experience, and your wages increase as your skills develop.

Employers or sponsors provide about 90% of apprenticeship training to meet standards of skill and safety set by industry. To become an apprentice, you must first find an employer who is willing to train you. Such positions are seldom advertised. Instead, employers usually rely on word of mouth to seek applicants for apprenticeships. Individuals who are interested in becoming apprentices often apply directly to an employer or union. The remaining apprenticeship training involves classroom instruction on theory that is usually offered at community colleges.
If you’re interested in pursuing an apprenticeship or trade check out the broad range of Skill Trade and Automotive program offered at career colleges all across Canada!


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